• LPKF Lasers and electronics AG

    LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is specialized in developing laser machine tool for the electronics industry. With a background in the field of rapid prototyping of printed circuit boards, LPKF started to develop laser based machines in the early 1990s. Since then, this field had seen a strong growth and is now the major field of LPKF. The most important technology for LPKF is laser direct structuring, which is subject of this project.

    Large company, Germany

    Website :

    Contact : Wolfgang John

  • Photonic Science Limited

    Photonic Science is a high technology independent manufacturer of scientific detector systems covering the range of visible to x-ray and neutron detection. The camera technology offers wide ranging, from CCD, EMCCD, CMOS to image intensified systems.

    SME, United Kingdom

    Website :

    Contact : Patricia TOMKINS

  • Häecker Automation GmbH

    HAECKER Automation designs, develops and manufactures innovative solutions for complex and challenging production processes in the micro systems technology world. Core competencies of HAECKER Automation are micro assembly, micro and nano dispensing and selective micro laser soldering

    SME, Germany

    Website :

    Contact : GerritHaecker

  • Radiall

    Radiall is a global leader in design, development and manufacturing of RF coaxial connectors, antennas, microwave components, fiber optic and multipin connectors. We offer an extensive range of interconnect solutions that supports the most demanding applications in telecommunications, aerospace, space, defense, automotive, industrial, medical and instrumentation.

    Large company, France

    Website :

    Contact : Julien Legrand

  • Pragma Industries SAS

    Founded in 2004, PRAGMA INDUSTRIES is a SME with two business units. The first BU is focused on developing and marketing research and education equipment on fuel cells. Pragma's research equipment is used in major fuel cell R&D laboratories around the world. Pragma's fuel cell education packages ranges from simple demonstration to advanced system teaching in college, universities or engineering schools courses. The second business unit is in charge of fundamental and applied research on fuel cells and electrolysers. A major project within this BU aims at developing of novel fuel cell architecture.

    SME, France

    Website :

    Contact : Rémi SUCCOJA

  • Phonak AG

    PHONAK is the major hearing instrument brand within the Sonova group. Sonova is the leading provider of innovative hearing healthcare solutions. Phonak develops, manufactures and markets a complete product portfolio of hearing instruments from high power BTEs to extended wear ‘invisible’ In-Ear-Devices.

    Large company, Switzerland

    Website :

    Contact : Erdal KARAMUK

  • Pôle européen de la plasturgie / Technical centre of Plastics engineering

    PEP is the French plastics injection moulding technical centre. It is equipped with advanced technology (state of the art injection machines, LPKF Laser Direct Structuring, laser fusion technologies, compounding machine, chemical laboratory, fully equipped design centre, extensive plastic information centre), its mission is to increase the competitiveness of the plastic industry by innovation and high added value services. PEP covers the full industry value chain with its 5 business units: Plastic Materials, Design &Simulation, Processes & Tooling, Plastronics, Technological watch and documentary services.

    R&D center, France

    Website :

    Contact : Mael MOGUEDET

  • CEA

    Description: CEA is an internationally recognized technological research organization in the domains of energy,information and health technologies and defence. LITEN (Laboratory of Innovation for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) aims at developing new energy technologies, including PV and nanomaterials.

    R&D center, France

    Website :

    Contact : Cyril CAYRON

  • Plastipolis

    Plastipolis is a SMEs cluster network including most of the leading plastic industry clusters in Europe and nanotechnology for Plastic. Plastipolis is France’s only industry and research cluster covering the plastic processing industry. PLASTIPOLIS will be responsible for the dissemination and exploitation activities performed in 3D-HiPMAS. Its existing network in Europe will be a tremendous lever to the dissemination of 3D-HiPMAS results.

    Cluster, France

    Website :

    Contact : Cécile Coustal

  • Ensinger

    ENSINGER Compounds is a supplier of high performance compounds. The portfolio of ENSINGERCompounds includes electrical and thermal functional compounds, materials with improved mechanical and tribological properties and compounds for medical and food application. The market focus is on electronic industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology and automotive industry.

    Large Company,Germany

    Website :

    Contact : Christian Henne

  • Rayce

    ARAYMOND Rayce SARL – Centre of Expertise – is the Research and Development Centre of the worldwide A.Raymond Network. At Rayce interdisciplinary cooperation of researchers and developers work in the area of Microsystems technology: Configuration- and assembly technology, Electro less coating technology (MID), Laser structuring on plastic surfaces, High frequency technology (HF- Reading and sending system, RFID Traceability) Plastic technology (injection molding), CAD engineering (3D CAD-systems and ABAQUS structural strength (FEA) simulations, Materials science (plastic material compounding).

    Large Company,France

    Website :

    Contact : Mohieddine Boubtane


    HSG-IMAT is one of the leading service providers for research and development in the fields of packaging and assembly of micromechanical components and systems. Main activities are plastic based micro devices and MID technologies as well as novel sensor and dosing systems. HSG-IMAT has all important technologies and equipment available as well as the corresponding know how for development from the idea to qualified components. HSG-IMAT offers prototypes and small series production and is ISO 9001:2008 certified .

    R&D center, Germany

    Website :

    Contact : Heinz Kück