Pilot Line Technology


To achieve advanced high precision and high quality 3D micro systems, the EU industry is facing the following MIDs bottlenecks:

  • to be able to manufacture high precision 3D microparts integrating plastics and electronics, including 3D plastic system carrier, 3D-conductive tracks and 3D electronics component assembly,
  • to be able to significantly reduce the manufacturing cost in order for EU industry to be competitive with low-wage countries,
  • to provide the industry with reliable, robust and inline controlled manufacturing¬† processes for plastics and electronics converging technologies.

The 3D HiPMAS project will offer the industry a pilot factory able to provide customised solutions in terms of technical and economical performances.

LPKF Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology :

Future 3D-HiPMAS pilot line schema :


3D-HiPMAS pilot line to be set up :


The 3D-HiPMAS pilot line will be deployed in Stuttgart, Germany, and then in 2 other european countries.

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